The lecander
A super fast and top action in this tapering, made for a bit aggressive carbon way of casting, this taper is a real long distance casting rod, which comes in handy for covering big waters and those windy days. The Lecander tapering has a really powerful top flex to it, which are perfectly designed for underhand casting and roll casting. It can load and shoot the line very easy, both shooting heads and ST line's. The tapering is a super fast action and will throw 25 meters with a single hand rod easily. The Lecander can be done in both two hand and single hands rods.

The Sofine tapering is a more progressive rod that will work more in the middle of the rod rather then the tippet, it has a bit more deeper flex to it.The Sofine tapering is a medium fast- fast rod, ideally made for nymph fishing where a more softer tippet comes to hand. Also the Sofine has good underhand casting abilities which are ideal for nymph fishing upstream. This Sofine taper is more suitable for WF and ST lines. Sofine tapering are only for single hand rods.

My Midge tapers is a real treat in small waters with tight vegitations and easliy spooked fish, its ideal in crampy areas, and a really smooth line shooter. It's a super fast action which works in the tip for really firm and good line control. The Midge comes in 5,6 ft to 6,6ft which are really fun fighting fish with, the action has quite powerful tip which are very suitable for underhand casting. These midges are very light in the hand and can present the fly really lovely, these tapers are very fun to fish with that i'll promies you! The midge tapers can only be done in one hand rods, also these can be made in one piece rods

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