My spey rod serie is a real shooter, its really easy to cast and it load and shoot the line without any effort. These spey rods are made for big rivers and big salmons.

I just love to build these two hand spey and switch rods, and both love fly fish with two hands. I've been designing my spey rods tapers to cast shooting heads from 200 - 600 grains.

They are all hollowed and comes with spliced ferrules which makes them really light in the hand, also some lighter speys can be purchased with metal ferrules.

The rods are light and fast with top action for shooting the line. These rods are only suitable for underhand casting and switch casting. All my spey rods handles are made out of high quality cork which can be lathen to your own shape and like, the butts comes with rubbercork endings also.

This is the lenght range I build 8,9 ft 10,1 ft 11,8 ft 12ft

The Switch rods comes in two or three pieces

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