This is my bended nets, all comes in different shapes and characthers. These can be choosen by wood material and size and fish carriage, and has been proven to be very durable and strong.

The ends are being spliced and jointed together with bamboo plugs. The wood I can bend is Juniper, Salix, Pine and Alder. The net is knotless of course so the fish won't take damage and low bottom for a easy hook removal and release.

The mesh comes in black and white and two different mesh holes. The price range vary depening on size and branch types. Just give me a call or email if you wanna know more.

There is three months waiting time on these, so make sure to order in time. A magnet holder can be arranged also, but ideally you just keep in your belt behind your back, really smooth and easy.

All nets are being varnished coated three times over to make sure they are waterproof and UV resistence. Classes I make is 1# for brook trouts 2# for grayling and brooks, 3-4# for brown trouts and 6-7# for sea trouts/carps

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