plastic cover the shank

add silver tensil and wrap

and add now a small golden crest from a golden fasan neck

add a goose feather

add green ostrich herl

add gold tensil and dubb the body with orange dubbing

wrap the golden tensil

now dubb the upper body with silver brown dubbing, add yellow schapple and a strip of golden tensil

wrap the yellow schapple and the golden tensil

add natural schapple and wrap and add golden fasan feathers as underwing

add the married wings which contains of yellow, blue, orange, red, yellow, blue and green turkey biots also add jay bird and goose as cheeks

add fasan feathers as roof and india rooster

add grizzly goose as roof cheek

add the golden fasan crest and whip finish, congratulations you just made a fully dressed salmon fly

Copyright Split-Cane Umea 2001