When I started fly fishing I soon realised that a big part of fly fishing is also the challenge's of fly tying and fly imitation, and well I always been intrested and facinated by nature's wonders, so the passion for fly tying came shortly after I started fly fishing.

I'm a self thought tyer and always wanna stretch the boundrys of new fly tying methods. I'd love to experiment and try new things and material's when it comes to fly tying, also have this obession of perfecting my fly tying imitations. This have made me come up with new fly patterns and fly art on hooks.

Today i've been winning some fly tying compitions across the land and now selling realistic flies or full dressed flies which become a popular give away gift, just contact me about what you want and we arrange sometime

Check out my step by step patterns or go to the gallery to see my creations..

Just contact me if you wanna share any tips and tricks or any questions about my fly tying.

I make full dressed salmon flies in frames
I make full realistic art flies in frames
I make my own fly patterns.
I make fly tied pins

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